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Is Couscous Gluten-Free?

Is Couscous Gluten-Free?

Is Couscous Gluten-Free?

The short answer is no

Couscous is a staple in many cuisines around the world, known for its versatility and ease of preparation. However, for those on a gluten-free diet, couscous presents a challenge, as traditional couscous is made from semolina wheat, which contains gluten.

For gluten-sensitive individuals, the journey to enjoying couscous takes a turn towards alternatives that mimic its texture and taste. Fortunately, the culinary world has crafted variations made from gluten-free grains like corn, millet, and even potato and tapioca starch, providing a similar mouthfeel and ability to carry flavours in dishes just like traditional couscous.

At Better Nutrition, we understand the dietary restrictions and preferences of our customers. We offer a selection of gluten-free products that cater to those looking for couscous alternatives. Our gluten-free range is carefully selected to ensure that you have access to ingredients that align with your health and nutritional needs without compromising on taste.

It's essential to approach gluten-free couscous with a bit of culinary finesse, as cooking times and methods may differ slightly from wheat-based couscous. These gluten-free variants often require careful attention to prevent them from becoming mushy or sticky, a common pitfall when not prepared correctly.

Incorporating gluten-free couscous into your diet opens up a world of culinary possibilities. From robust salads to hearty main courses, it stands in seamlessly for its wheat-based counterpart, allowing everyone at the table to enjoy a meal together, regardless of dietary restrictions.

With the awareness of gluten sensitivity on the rise, Better Nutrition is committed to providing options that everyone can enjoy. Visit our collection of gluten-free products to explore the alternatives available and bring the joy of couscous back to your table.

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